Improve conversion and retention of your product using AI
Engage your users. Help them to learn so they'll love it and never churn.

Reduce Churn

Predict users who are likely to churn using our self-learning solution.
Get notified when a user starts to slip away.
Demonstrate your solution’s long-term value with targeted emails, tailored in-app notifications and personalised experiences.
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Maximise Conversion

Educate your users on how to get the most out of your product.
Encourage users to complete the next most important actions in the onboarding process.
Reward users that quickly complete the most important actions. Get new users paying earlier.
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Optimise Onboarding

Automatically display the features that users need to see, when they want to see them.
Personalize the onboarding experience for every single user.
Show dynamic user interfaces based on what the user has done so far and what the next key actions are.
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Connect your data
Already using a third-party service to record what users do in your app? Great! All you have to do now is connect your data with a Traitly integration.
Not logging events? No problem - now is the perfect time to start understanding your users! Log events using our API.
Create your predictive goals
Not all users are the same. Separate users on your lower-priced plans from those on your premium plans. Create separate goals for users on specific plans.
Set goals for specific groups of users. Get more accurate predictions.
Help and retarget your users
Automatically guide your users through the optimal set of onboarding steps based on what they've done and what they need to do next. Communicate via email, push notification, and the Traitly Success Bot.
Automatically sync predicted users lists to Facebook. Retarget users who are at risk of churning or failing to convert.
Reduce Churn

Create user-segmented goals

Customers on your lower price plans may use your app differently to those on premium plans.
Automatically group users on similar plans to accurately group their data behind the scenes.

Define targeted, action based notifications

Define how-to messages for each action users can perform inside your app.
Our self-learning solution automatically determines which actions matter most at each point in the user's journey.


Connect your Amazon SNS account to automatically send push notifications.
Add the Traitly widget to your site to encourage and reward users for performing the actions that matter most.
Integrate with our solution to create a truly personalised experience for the user. Automatically display interfaces specific to each user that will educate them at precise points in their journey.
Success Bot
The Traitly Success Bot brings together your existing chat widget and knowledge base. It encourages your users to complete the next most important step in your app, based on where they are at in the user journey. It makes using your app fun and rewarding. This can be added to your site within a few minutes.
Powered by artificial intelligence

Our widget encourages users to complete the next most important actions in the onboarding process. It does so by highlighting what they haven’t completed and telling them how to.

Gamifies onboarding

Who said onboarding shouldn’t be fun? Our widget gamifies onboarding by assigning a score to each user. The more they complete, and the faster they do so, the higher their score.

Rewards success

Users who successfully onboard are significantly more likely to stick around. Incentivise users to get fully setup by providing short-term discounts.

  • Install within minutes using a few lines of JavaScript
  • Customize the look and feel
  • You create the how-to messages and our self-learning engine learns who should see which message and when.
  • Automatically track and measure how users interact with our success bot
We make it easy for you to get started. Connect your existing historical data from a third-party service you already use with just a few clicks.